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The Estate Sale Process

Once you have decided to hire AshbyEstateSales, the process is pretty simple…just give us a call. We will set up a time to come to you at the location of the sale and sign the contract. There is nothing else you need to do! We take care of everything!



Step 1

Before the sale begins

We will go through every drawer, every box, every pocket, every purse…anything we locate that might need to be brought to the family's attention gets put to the side until we can contact you. Then the real work starts! We research the current price trends on any unusual items found to get the best possible prices for the estate. We organize and clean the items for sale. We individually price and tag every item available for sale. We will set the items up to be displayed for optimal visibility. We will advertise on all available platforms.

Before the Sale

Step 2

The day of the sale

The sale will generally be for 3 days – Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 8am to 6pm. If the estate is exceptionally large we might start it a day earlier.

day of the sale

Step 3

Clean-up after the sale

The family can decide how they would like us to handle any items remaining after the sale. When possible, we can arrange for a donation to a local charity or leave the remaining items for the family. We will then vacuum out any remaining debris and leave the house empty.

clean up after the sale

Step 4

Review: Time to get paid

We will set up a time to review the sale with you, return your keys and give you a check.

final sale review